A gift that keeps giving

Fulami relies solely on donations and contributions from private and corporate donors. Through the Fulami sponsorship programmes, donations make a tangible and life-saving difference in the lives of many retired persons.

Adopt a Granny

Grandmothers have become mothers again. They raise their children, bury them as a result of AIDS and find themselves raising their grandchildren without any resources. A monthly donation to one specific Grandmother, helps to alleviate the burden, but also invests in the lives of the orphans in her care. Donations range between R 650 and R1 250 per month depending on how many dependents are in the care of the Granny.

Teach a Granny

Many grannies cannot read or write, and you have the opportunity to change a granny's life by supporting her to teach them to read and write.

You can participate in this life changing event by donating financially once off or on a monthly basis. Monthly donations typically range from R100 to R1000.

Visit the Elderly

Many of our elderly in retirement homes never get visitors and have no contact with their children and grandchildren. Visits are arranged and cost no more than the transport of volunteers to the retirement homes and taking along a small catering treat. Depending on the distance to the retirement home and the number of volunteers involved, costs range between R 1 000 and R 2 000 per visit.

Outings and Events

Events and outings are arranged for the elderly, such as trips to the zoo, a film, a picnic and sightseeing. Depending on the size of the group and the occasion, costs for an outing start at about R 5 000 including catering per outing.


Many of the elderly in South Africa are in retirement homes that receive government allowances that cover about 25 % of the cost of care, accommodation and keep. Retirement homes may by law be paid 90 % of the government Old Age Pension and that leaves the retirement home with a shortfall of about R 2 000 per person per month.

Sponsorship is urgently needed.


Fulami provides an invaluable service to the elderly and ongoing support for its programmes and projects is needed to realise the objectives.