Our Programs

Adopt a Granny

Fulami partners with other organisations, such as the Viva Foundation, in order to identify grandmothers who are raising their orphaned grand-children or other orphans and vulnerable children.

It is possible to partake in the virtual adoption of a Granny, enabling a care worker to pay her a weekly visit, supplying a monthly food parcel and assisting with logistical and administrational challenges. The programme employ the Child Status Index, to assist the Granny to care for and educate the orphans in her keep.

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How it works:

Depending on the number of children in her care, it costs* between R 650 and R 1250 per month, to adopt a Granny.

The Granny is introduced to the sponsor by way of a photo, with a short description of her situation, e.g. the state of her dwelling, how many children in her care, medical challenges and any other crisis situations that need to be addressed.

The support is paid to Fulami and transferred to the Viva Foundation upon proof of service. The Viva care worker provides a report of each visit and the Granny signs confirmation that she has been visited, received a food parcel etc. The care worker submits her report and findings according to the key indicators of the Child Status Index and a time-sheet of her activities.

The sponsor receives monthly updates and reports and photos, where appropriate.

It is possible for the sponsor to interact with the Granny personally, such as sending Christmas gifts, taking her and the children in her care on outings etc.

* Donations are Tax Deductible in South Africa

Volunteering services

Fulami mobilises volunteers at different homes for the elderly and make it possible for individuals and groups to assist in the different programmes

Events and Fund Raising

Fulami coordinates initiatives to support Old Age Homes or conduct programmes


Arranging visitation. Volunteers can visit the elderly, who are often left alone in Old Age Homes and abandoned by their children. This is a sad reality and particularly prevalent in more affluent societies. With the help of the University of Pretoria’s Community Engagement Department, a sad trend has been identified, namely that families emigrating from South Africa, often leave their elderly parents in Old Age Homes with no contact or very little contact. This is traumatising to the elderly, who have spent their lives and resources to provide care for their children.

Arranging events for the elderly to socialise. Fulami provides opportunities for the elderly to socialise with each other and assist old Age Homes with their social events.